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What makes a great coach?

The ability to evaluate individual needs and goals. Having knowledge and the skill to deliver it in a simple and clear manner. Capability to create a fun supportive environment to grow in.


Sean McAuliffe 🇦🇺



I’m Sean McAuliffe, Founder of LIFEFIT MINAMI. Functional training and CrossFit has changed my views on overall health and fitness. After many years doing traditional weight training in gyms to build my body, I never really achieved what I was looking for – real world fitness.  I always did compound weight lifting routines but lacked the variety of gymnastics, cardio and weight lifting I have discovered through CrossFit.

I am a qualified motor mechanic and having worked in remote locations in the Australian mining industry for the last 14 years, I’ve had exposure to a wide range of changing physical and environmental demands.

I was introduced to this type of training by a colleague who owns CrossFit Mandurah and immediately fell in love with the challenges, competition and camaraderie that comes with it.

Working away from home in mining meant I had to use the gym facilities available; I immediately changed my training style to follow CrossFit principles and derived the results I’d long been seeking.

I moved to Koto Kinabalu, Malaysia and trained at X45 CrossFit Kota Kinabalu for a few months to improve my knowledge and skills. The CrossFit community spirit only reinforced my appreciation of this highly satisfying form of exercise.

Throughout the 7+ years of operating LifeFit Minami in Osaka and attending CrossFit level 1 and 2 training courses, I have never stopped learning. Now focusing on providing a training method that is low impact and full range of motion while staying functional and available to all fitness levels. 

My mission is to help people achieve their goals in weight loss, strength and to live a pain free life.

Diego Alvarez 🇪🇸



Having always been tantalised by watching gymnastics competitions, I never had the opportunity of trying it out as a child and later in life I felt I was “too old” and intimidated by it. In 2013 I saw a friend posting videos online of him doing CrossFit and it looked fun so I found a box near work and started going. Soon I was hooked! I suddenly enjoyed working out and the community spirit really helped. For the first time ever, I felt comfortable in a gym and looking forward to going!
Following my interest in CrossFit and learning more about it, I started interning to become a coach in 2014 and later on I took my L1 course, both in London. The more I coached, the more I enjoyed it. It’s very rewarding to connect with your members and see their progress hand in hand, so I have been coaching part-time in every country I have lived in: UK, Spain and Malaysia. And now I’m very happy to be doing my best to convey this expertise built through the years to the LIFEFIT MINAMI family!

Matt Cartwright 🇦🇺



I’m relatively new to CrossFit, and pretty new to coaching. I have, however, been training for and playing sports most of my life. From rugby to athletics, triathlon, rock climbing, hockey, marathon running and even cricket, I’ve played a lot of sports.
After a bad run of injuries from marathon training in 2016 I decided to give CrossFit a try instead. Needless to say I loved doing CrossFit, and have been improving ever since. One part of CrossFit that I’ve really enjoyed is the community here. As I learned more and more about CrossFit, improved my mobility and got fitter and stronger, I started to want to help others do the same. That’s when I decided I wanted to become a coach.
I did my Level 1 in January 2018 and started coaching at LIFEFIT MINAMI in May 2018. I’m enjoying the challenges of coaching, especially in a multi-language environment! I’m training not only to become better, but a more knowledgeable coach as well.

Fernanda Belman 🇲🇽



In my 20’s I used to work at a Telecommunications company, having a very sedentary life. I was gaining a lot of weight and feeling bad with myself. That was the reason why I started to look for exercise videos on YouTube. Some CrossFit videos appeared in my “suggested” list and that was my first contact with this discipline. I felt curious about all the gymnastics and I remember myself thinking “I want to do ALL OF THIS”; so I searched for my closest CrossFit gym and after the first trial class I knew I would never stop working out. 6 years had passed and since then I only fall more and more in love with this amazing sport; and every year that passes I feel younger, stronger and fitter.

This path has been so inspirational for me, I want to share that inspiration with the people around me. I’ve been very lucky finding LIFEFIT MINAMI and having the opportunity to start my coaching journey in Japan. I am sure I want to spend the rest of my life doing what passionates me the most: helping people to get more confident with themselves, achieving goals and improving their life quality in order to create a better community.


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