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Can anyone do LIFEFIT?

Yes, LifeFit is scale-able to anyone’s fitness level, from beginners to professional athletes anyone can join class. There is never set weights to be used, instead we use the percentage of individuals' ability.

I'm scared and nervous. Do I need experience?

Everyone starts from nothing. Everyone has their own story. At LifeFit Minami you'll meet people just like you that have made the change for a happier and healthier life. Also for Trial Class you'll have your very own Coach to help throughout the class. Plus as a member, our mix of group and personal training will help you build the confidence you've always wanted.

Will my body become big and muscly from training?

No, without a combination of extreme calorie intake. For females it is virtually impossible due to natural testosterone levels. With correct nutrition and LifeFit training, a lean athletic beach body with functionality ability is easily achievable.

I'm an olympic lifter, can I train in open gym time only?

Yes, we have members that only train during Open Gym time to practice Snatches, Cleans and Jerks. Also dropping bars is OK!

What is needed for class?

Comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely, sports shoes, towel and drinking water (also available at the gym). But most important is a great attitude and excitement to change your life for the better.

Are tattoos ok?

Yes! No need to cover your body art.

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