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Looking to lose an extra 10kgs? Struggling to put on muscle mass? Or looking to live a pain free life? LIFEFIT MINAMI mixes group classes in conjunction with Personal Training to help people find solutions to individual problems. Start your journey to your goals with a Free Trial class.

LifeFit Classes

60min Class designed to suit any fitness level using Functional training methods to improve all round health and fitness. Classes capped at 11 people.

Personal Training

Personal structured training sessions available in 60min time frames. Individually designed to help you achieve your goal, recommended for people looking to lose weight or who have been living with chronic pain. We have extensive experience achieving these goals for people.

LifeFit Extra

90min Class focused towards more active people looking to take their training to the next level. High volume and high paced menus unavailable anywhere else. Classes capped at 8 people.

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We guarantee results within 3 months or your money back!!!


What is LifeFit

LifeFit is fun Group training mixed with Personal training designed to help people of all fitness levels. Our Group training is based on Functional Movements inside a 1 Hour class using cardio/body-weight/weight-lifting training methods, with experienced Coaches.

Plus! Every 3 months we offer a Free Personal training session to help members with their individual goals. Losing 10kgs? Putting on muscle mass? Help with joint pain? Etc. We have experience solving these personal issues, just read some  of our members’ successful stories in the testimonials. 

Already training but bored or feel lost every time you walk into a gym? LifeFit Minami’s 1 hour Group classes have structured menus (warm-up, workout, cool down and stretching) that change daily. Creating an encouraging environment and  integrating new movements regularly keeping training fun and exciting.

We cover all training methods.

Trial Class

There’s a first time for everything and it’s always hard to start with. LifeFit class is no different, but the good thing is it gets easier with every visit and sticking with it will bring you the body of your dreams.

The trial class experience will be in a normal LifeFit class with regular members but with an extra Coach dedicated just to help through the session at your own pace. This way it’s possible to experience a real class with a daily menu with the added care of having extra attention.

After class we discuss your specific goals and recommend which membership plan is best to achieve your goals.

Time to reserve your Free Trial class.

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Need to workout while travelling

Drop in for a class or do your own training in Open Gym times. We provide a hassle free Drop in experience for anyone from anywhere. 

No need to worry about dropping weights, spare shoes, using jump ropes or tattoos at LifeFit Minami, unlike other gyms.

Reserve your spot to avoid disappointment.

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